The Fukushima catastrophe was followed by a scarcity in Geiger counters since many persons wanted to measure the radioactivity in their surroundings.

A group of scientists inJapan decided to build a new Geiger from scratch with an open source approach, using the new tools at our disposal now:

GPS, Arduino for electronics, simplicity.

Here the words of Pieter Franken from this group named SAFECAST give an explanation of the project:

“What we did was not unique per se. Geiger counters are not new, GPS is not new, Arduino is not new. But putting it together and making it accessible to local communities and doing it in such a way that it can be shared easily and openly, that was the breakthrough—making it super simple so that even kids can do it, that is the big difference with what other people were doing.” 

The following link gives information about the iterations of the design :


Other open source projects were dedicated to the Geiger Counter

One of the last ones is from the Sorbonne university Fab Lab named open geiger



Open geiger


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