Education in Physiscs and Chemistry: A quite new web site dedicated to teaching of physics and chemistry with tablets (or smartphones) through experiments in silico. The goal is to  make experiments accessible to every pupil. It is a very instructing web site set up by young latino americans.    

The KANO computer kit is a build yourself computer for school  kids KANO is powered by cutting-edge hardware and open-source software It also creates a community the KANO world where member s could work on projects exchange codes, etc… For examples of projects : Project is still asking for contributes ,  

The ICTP Fab Lab has become since one year now the ICTP Scientific Fab Lab. He will organize from the 5th to the 7th of october  the FabLab and Makerspaces for Science (see “events”): The lab organizes trainings and may also help guest to set up projects.

For the Year of Astronomy a telescope kit was developed ( by leading astronomers, optical engineers and science educators), named the “Galileo scope”. It provides a low cost tool for observation and is an important contribution for learning science. It may be purchased at